1723.6 Miles

That's the distance between by current and future home, and what I'll be adding to my Subaru's odometer before next Sunday night. After 16 months of living down the street from an Italian restaurant with an unbeatable recipe for Buffalo Chicken Pizza, I'll be leaving Emmaus, PA for a spot on the front step of the Front Range in Boulder, CO. I never thought I'd live in either place; but by now I've learned that where I call home can be the biggest unknown. When people move, they follow opportunity, or love, or dreams as best they can. Only sometimes do they get a chance to plant the flag in exactly the place they imagined. Right now I don't mind the instability, or the slightly disconnected feeling that I get while packing up my life once again. Both my career and my craft require new inputs to keep moving forward, and change does them both good. Perhaps I'm not looking forward to spending 25 hours accelerating across country, but at least heading west I'll gain two hours of my life back.