Three homes in three different places

On Friday I go home to New Jersey for a quick day and a half with my parents before we all hit the skies again on Christmas day. I go to Akron, Ohio to stay with my girlfriend Jackie's family, while my folks head over the ocean to Australia. Since I was born and raised in Akron, my week in northeast Ohio will be like a second homecoming, including a visit to Hudson to see old high school friends. And then between Christmas and New Year's , Jackie and I will drive over to Pennsylvania for a family reunion in Greenville, the town where my father grew up and a place that imprinted strongly on me during numerous childhood trips to my Uncle Ed and Aunt June's farm. This part of western Pennsylvania is like a third home, including the rows of my ancestors laid out in Stevenson Cemetery, and the still-standing barns built by Grand'pap Cramer, my great-grandfather. I will be writing a story about my aunt and uncle's farm for Pennsylvania Magazine, trying to describe how strong foundations and a sense of place can make a home, and even many homes, possible.